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Sewing for Dolls

It all started with one doll.  I loved Barbie as a child and didn't give mine up until my early teens.  A few years ago a friend gave me a play-line doll just for fun.  I was only going to buy one new outfit a week for her, but that thought lasted only a few short weeks as I fell in love all over again.  Today my collection has grown considerably and now I have an extensive collection of 1:6 scale fashion dolls including vintage, mod and modern Barbie and her friends and family; clone dolls; 1970's era Dollikins; Fashion Royalty, Monsieur Z, Dynamite Girls, Momoko and Susie.  And of course, I have a huge collection of fashions for the dolls since that is what a fashion doll is really all about.

After a while I became very interested in trying my hand at sewing for the dolls.  In 2004 I bought my first pattern and some fabric and gave it a shot.  I loved it and have been at it almost obsessively ever since. 

I take great care and put a lot of effort in preparing each outfit.  I often modify or even create patterns to get the exact look that I want.  I test my patterns and tweak them as necessary to get a good fit.  I wash and soak any fabrics that I fear might stain a doll and, afterwards, if I still have concerns, I won't use the fabric.  I almost always either line garments or finish seams depending on what is called for to create a quality and lasting piece of work.  I make my own jewelry and sometimes I even make my dolls a new pet.

Since I have a full-time job, sewing is what I do in my spare time as a creative outlet.  In order to keep it an enjoyable hobby, I rarely take commissions or make commitments on outfits.  I usually make two of each fashion at the same time - one for my dolls and one to sell.  I rarely have the patience or the desire to make more because I am looking forward to beginning my next project.   

If you are interested in knowing when I have a new outfit available, please feel free to contact me to be put on my mailing list. 


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